I will be on leave from WEDNESDAY 28 DECEMBER 2022
to SUNDAY 8 JANUARY 2023 inclusive 

As usual in my absence, consultations will be provided by my colleagues

 Dr FRIH Sahra at the usual practice, Avenue Hansen Soulie 14, 1040 Eterbeek :

Tuesday 3/01/2023 from 8.40am to 12.20pm
Wednesday 4/01/2023 from 8.40am to 12.20pm
Thursday 5/01/2023 from 8.40 am to 12.20 pm

Outside these times you can contact my colleague, the doctor:

Dr CUNHA Andrea     
Rue de Pervyse 18/20, 1040 Etterbeek
Tel: 02 511 02 53

The secretariat remains available for your requests and appointments
On the following number: 0495707049

Looking forward to seeing you again, take care of yourself and your loved ones

Avenue Hansen-Soulie 14
1040 Etterbeek
Tel: 02/420 36 60